Modern Medicine: Bacteria Index

Getting Started:
  • Click on "New Page" at the top of the sidebar menu on the left.
  • Title your new page with the scientific name of your bacteria.
  • Build a profile for your strain. Include a section for each of the following:
    • Shape, colony type.
    • Temperature at which your strain grows best.
    • Gram stain, and what this tells you. Give an explanation of what the cell wall(s) are made of.
    • Methyl red test results, and what this means.
    • Results of motility test, and what was used to test it.
    • Hemolysis test results with explanation.
    • Aerobic, anaerobic, or facultative. Define the term that describes your strain, and describe how this test was performed.
    • Results of antibiotic testing on your unknown. List the specific antibiotics you used, and the Bauer-Kirby results you obtained. In this section, also explain how each of the antibiotics you used work to kill bacteria (research online or check notes), and why the results you obtained for your strain make sense.
    • Where this bacteria is found in the environment (research).
    • What illnesses it is associated with? Include method of transmission, symptoms and treatment (research).
  • You must have 3 pictures that illustrate three of your sections. Include captions that describe the picture so that the reader knows what he/she is looking at!
  • All of this must be in your own words! You will be checked for "cutting and pasting".
  • You must include a link in a reference section for any websites you used in your research.
  • Include your first name at the bottom of your page.
  • Use proper grammar, passive voice and check all spelling. Use italics and bold in your text where appropriate.

Need Help?

  • See the sample page on //Bacillus anthracis// to give you an idea of what this should look like.
  • Test out the different tools on the editing toolbar so that you can change the size of text and insert images.
  • SAVE YOUR WORK EARLY AND OFTEN! Always save your work before you navigate away from your page.
  • You can return to the home page to look at the instructions by clicking on the caduceus at the top of the screen.